Co-creation workshops in Katowice

On 1 and 2 March 2023 in Katowice the second round of co-creation workshops have taken place, concerning discussion on the concepts of NBS interventions at bus/tram stops.

The workshops have been organized by The Urban Greenery Plant in co-operation with the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas. The first workshop has taken place in the Silesian Park Management Office, because the bus/tram stop is located at the entrance to the Park. The author of the stop design was presenting the NBS concept and then, during the discussion the need for co-operation of two cities: Katowice and Chorzów has appeared because of the stop location at the borderline between these two cities. Also the connection of the concept with other reconstruction works planned by the Park is needed. Therefore it has showed that a kind of an agreement will be necessary between Katowice, Chorzów and Silesian Park in order to connect technical, financial and organizational arrangements. It is an additional value which has been notified by the workshop participants, consisting in a need for co-operation and mutual understanding of the partners for the benefit of the inhabitants and Park visitors.

The second workshop was concerning the NBS concept at the bus stop located in the vicinity of the Clinic Hospital in Katowice. The main group of the stop users is a large number of patients visiting the hospital. The beneficial conditions of the stop location allowed to arrange a kind of a small grassland along the bus stop site. It is again a question of agreement between the City and the Hospital because the ownership division of this area between these two entities. The representatives of the Hospital present at the workshop will arrange the appropriate agreement, since also the Hospital is interested in improvement of the comfort of patients visiting the hospital. Again, the UPSURGE has initiated an idea of co-operation of two institutions, which will give an added value in a final result of the NBS implementation.