UPSURGE provides a new development model for cities, 
centered on Nature-Based Solutions for renaturing urban space, 
to address the challenge of  cities’ carbon footprint and air pollution

UPSURGE’s main objective is to build the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse as a reference framework offering guided support on how tested and verified NBS can be strategically implemented to significantly improve the multitude of problems faced by cities.

The Lighthouse will be a knowledge and practice-based European framework created on real-life tested NBS practices implemented by different innovative EU cities, research institutions and companies. As the knowledge core of the Lighthouse, the Urban Regenerative Development.

Map of the 5 large demonstrations in Europe: Belfast, Breda, Budapest, Katowice, Maribor.

Latest news

  • The first NBS in 18th district of Budapest

    The first NBS in 18th district of Budapest

    The first raingarden of Budapest 18th district has been completed in the garden of the Tomory Lajos Museum. The purpose of raingardens is to collect, retain and infiltrate precipitation from the roofs of surrounding buildings and pavings. They reduce the negative effects of climate change, increase water retention, improve air quality and reduce the heat…

  • Kick-off meeting of Competency Group – Katowice

    Kick-off meeting of Competency Group – Katowice

    On the 5th of October 2023, there was a kick-off meeting of the UPSURGE Competency Group in Katowice, Poland. Using a co-creation formula we met with the experts to discuss several points within the process of establishing a local Place Lab and creating the operational plan for our demo city. One of the biggest challenges…

  • UPSURGE Project Consortium Meeting in Antwerp

    UPSURGE Project Consortium Meeting in Antwerp

    Last week (12-13 Oct. 2023) the UPSURGE consortium met in the beautiful surroundings of the University of Antwerp. A two-day meeting full of vivid presentations and discussions on the progress of our work related to the technical aspects and the citizen-centred approach of the NBS interventions for air pollution and climate change adaptation at the…