UPSURGE provides a new development model for cities, 
centered on Nature-Based Solutions for renaturing urban space, 
to address the challenge of  cities’ carbon footprint and air pollution

UPSURGE’s main objective is to build the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse as a reference framework offering guided support on how tested and verified NBS can be strategically implemented to significantly improve the multitude of problems faced by cities.

The Lighthouse will be a knowledge and practice-based European framework created on real-life tested NBS practices implemented by different innovative EU cities, research institutions and companies. As the knowledge core of the Lighthouse, the Urban Regenerative Development.

Map of the 5 large demonstrations in Europe: Belfast, Breda, Budapest, Katowice, Maribor.

Latest news

  • UPSURGE Project Consortium Meeting in Passau

    UPSURGE Project Consortium Meeting in Passau

    The UPSURGE project Consortium has just finished the meeting in Passau, Germany. During two days (21-22 Feb) the project partners presented the results of the completed tasks. Everyone also emphasized how much there is still to do. All work packages were thoroughly discussed, and summarized with constructive discussions and clarification of any doubts. Among other…

  • Final designs of the NBS interventions in Katowice

    Final designs of the NBS interventions in Katowice

    After intensive consultations with the local community, the Urban Greenery Enterprise in Katowice has taken delivery of designs for NBS interventions at four bus stops and a new green space in Katowice’s Market Square. This is a part of our ambitious UPSURGE project, which aims to improve the quality of life of residents through sustainable…

  • Agroecology Community Garden in Belfast

    Agroecology Community Garden in Belfast

    The lease for the UPSURGE NBS ‘agroecology community garden’ on the Belfast demonstration site has been approved. The key Stakeholders ‘Friends of the Field’ will implement the NBS together with Belfast City Council and Queen’s University Belfast. The community garden space has already been fenced off. It is located beside research plots for use by…