Breda – Netherlands

Breda is a sparkling and historical city in the south of the Netherlands with around 183.000 inhabitants, making it the ninth largest municipality in the Netherlands. Breda is located on the main railway line between Amsterdam and Brussels. The city is known for its beautiful old town and recently also for its harbor. Breda has an important regional function. This is mainly due to the large theater and casino and the many events that are held in the city every year.

Nicknamed the Pearl of the South, Breda is also home to a thriving student community. Breda is the place where the Dutch royal family was founded 600 years ago. Many monuments and greenery remind of this royal period. But Breda is also a place to admire modern street art, to enjoy the countless restaurants, cafes and terraces and to find peace in the vast nature. In 2009, the center of Breda was voted for the Best City Center in the Netherlands.

City of Breda

Linie Zuid – Project Area


One of the squares before NBS implementation


NBS sketch design for the previous square


Breda demonstration will drive renaturation through urban jungles

Nature Based Solutions to be implemented

Use of plants and trees effective in improving air quality, creation of urban jungles.

Demo site characteristics and challenges

The targeted area is an outdated residential area from the 60s populated by a multicultural society, with many social rental properties for residents with lower incomes.

Foreseen outcome of the NBS implementation

Improve air quality, make the area more climate resilient, tackle heat stress, enhance city’s water management, improve and re-establish the biodiversity.

  • Turning existing neglected green spaces into urban jungles and house fronts into gardens, responding to climate related issues and reducing urban heat island (UHI) effect.
  • Promoting the integration of people and nature through activities aimed at creating social cohesion.
  • Creating green corridors and reducing space dedicated to cars.
  • Educate residents on the use of NBS and their multiple benefits.