DECISION MAKING CONFIGURATOR: Facilitates decision-making on different NBS implementations for public, private, institutional or individual investors. Provides data on particular NBS and its implementability, including micro-location appropriateness for set-up, suitability for targeted pollutants, cost estimate, multi-purpose use, etc.
MATCHMAKING MATRIX: A fit-for-problem matrix for targeted deployment of best serving NBS, matched with key urban specific context performance indicators relevant for environmental and socio-economic challenges.
NBS STANDARDISATION DIRECTORY: An NBS registry combined with a set of NBS performance related standards. Integrates NBS performance with process related standards relevant for sustainability management, environmental management, smart cities urban infrastructures etc.
REGENERATIVE INDEX & INSETTING PROTOCOL: A self-check tool for cities willing to undertake transition into a more regenerative development model. Helps cities determine the current renaturing score as baseline for redevelopment ambition, and offers a unique regenerative rating of EU cities.
NBS NODE: Connects different institutional and/or individual, public and/or private stakeholders driving implementation of NBS with the aim of fostering knowledge and experience-based cooperation driving NBS multiplication.
NBS CLUSTERING NETWORK: Attracts new cities and other NBS investors into the Lighthouse and facilitates multi-stakeholder cooperation in future NBS investments and projects, connect across the aisle with the most relevant initiatives cross-promoting one another.