Partner name

Opencontent Società Cooperativa




Via Kufstein 5, 38121 Trento, Italy


+39 0461 917437

Contact person

Gabriele Francescotto


(+34) 93 788 23 00 (ext. 3033)


CEO and President


Partner description

OpenContent (OC) is a private and independent SME located in Trento, Italy, registered in 2010. Legally constituted as a cooperative society with limited liability (SCARL). It has 6 founding members and 10 employees for a total headcount of 16.

OC gathers skills related to agile development, content and service design and data analysis to develop Open Source eGovernment platforms with a twofold mission: driving digital transformation process of Local Authorities (LA) and extracting the maximum value from their own content/data and from the participatory processes with citizens enabled by digital services.

OC pursues an opensource and opendata inspired business model that assures the economic viability of achievements focusing on real innovation and efficiency and reusing already developed building blocks, along within the possibilities offered by its partners and customers with other on-place available ICT systems.

Partner involvement in the UPSURGE project

OC will provide to the project and to the other partners its multiple-years experience in ICT methodologies and technologiesm, in order to develop and integrate the ICT platform required by the project to implement and delivery the UPSURGE service in alignment with the EU Digital Single Market guidelines and standards. OC will contribute in several WPs in order to structuring the available information and data in interoperable, standardized and accessible digital format aligned with the EU Digital Single Market guidelines using a headless semistructured web storage, allowing the possibility to establish a Digital Business Ecosystem based on the technologies developed and experimented in UPSURGE Project.