Partner name

Municipality of Breda


The Netherlands


Claudius Prinsenlaan 10, 4811 NJ Breda, the Netherlands


+31 14 076

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Contact person

Peter Jeucken


+31 6 1299 3122


Communications Officer


Partner description

Breda is a sparkling and historical city in the south of the Netherlands with around 183.000 inhabitants, making it the ninth largest municipality in the Netherlands. Breda is located on the mail railway line between Amsterdam and Brussels. The city is known for its beautiful old town and recently also for its harbor. Breda has an important regional function. This is mainly due to the large theater and casino and the many events that are held in the city every year. Nicknamed the Pearl of the South, Breda is also home to a thriving student community. In 2009, the center of Breda was voted Best City Center in the Netherlands.

Partner involvement in the UPSURGE project

UPSURGE project is part of the ‘Linie South’-project in Breda and relates to improving the air quality through greening measures in the district.