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c/Romero, 12, 50720 Zaragoza, Spain


0034 976 464 544

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Pilar Pérez


0034 684 46 86 52


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AITIIP Technological Centre is a non-profit private entity which goal is to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the companies in the plastic sector as well as to spread knowledge and to transfer the knowhow to face new technological challenges. To this end, AITIIP collaborates with public and private entities to accelerate the up taking by the plastic sector of technological and non-technological innovations that reduce its negative impact on the environment, while generating wellbeing and inclusive society.

In addition, AITIIP is an active actor in collaboration with public bodies of the Aragonian region to bridge the way this Northwest Spanish region to become resilient and low depend of the fossil resources. In this sense, AITIIP is aware of Circular Economy requires closing the loop of design, production, consumption, and waste management, thereby creating a green, circular and competitive Europe. AITIIP is an active actor by means of bringing together investors and innovators as well as boosting awareness and financing of circular economy projects. 

AITIIP is an associated member of the bio based industries consortium (BIC) that brings together an authoritative pool of cross sector and multi-disciplinary expertise in the field of bio-based industries.
Additionally, it is a member of other Public-Private Partnerships, like the European Factories of the Future Research Association (FOF-EFFRA), a non-for-profit, industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies which is the official representative of the private side in the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership; E2B (Sustainable building); SPIRE-Efficient industries and EUROBOTIC.
AITIIP is also a member of various national associations with the goal of promoting innovation, such as The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE or FEDIT), ANAIP (Plastics Industries Association).
Moreover, AITIIP is a member of the Cluster of automation of Aragon (CAAR), the Cluster of Aeronautics of Aragon (AERA) and the Cluster of Health of Aragon (ARAHEALTH).
AITIIP also takes part in ETPs (European Technology Platforms) such as SUSCHEM EU, for sustainable Chemistry and NANOFUTURE, for Nanomaterials.
AITIIP also participates in the Vanguard Initiative and coordinates one demo case: 3D-Printed automotive components (mono-material) for large (>2500 mm), medium and small complex parts. The Vanguard Initiative is an association of more than 30 EU-regions joining efforts to speed up European Industry Modernisation.

Partner involvement in the UPSURGE project

AITIIP will support OC as leader of the activities related to digitalization and connectivity with citizen and stakeholders and cities in the development of digital services in order to voice different potential users’ views. AITIIP has also involvement in the assessment of existing NBS projects and platforms and will actively participate in the creation of NBS clustering network.

AITIIP will try to connect the project with the Aragonian Digital Hub to share and exploit the data during the UPSURGE project.

AITIIP will also collaborate in the matchmaking for tailored NBS implementation in cities providing its experience in Aragonian region.