Final designs of the NBS interventions in Katowice

After intensive consultations with the local community, the Urban Greenery Enterprise in Katowice has taken delivery of designs for NBS interventions at four bus stops and a new green space in Katowice’s Market Square. This is a part of our ambitious UPSURGE project, which aims to improve the quality of life of residents through sustainable solutions.

Workshop and ideas discussion (photo: ZZM)

Green bus stops will serve as prototypes in the fight against urban heat islands. Residents were actively involved in designing the green space. Through numerous workshops and consultations, their ideas and suggestions shaped the final designs. The first green stops will appear at Ziołowa Street, Jagiellońska Street, Chorzowska Street and near the famous Giraffe sculpture in the Silesian Park. Plants used in the projects will be resistant to drought, salt and air pollution. The entire investment is aimed not only at improving air quality but also at combating climate change by lowering temperatures and retaining water.

Bus stop by Ziołowa str. after NBS implementation
(visualisation by 44STO)