Study trip to Katowice

Meeting with deputy mayor of Katowice

The Municipal Urban Greenery in Katowice and IETU hosted an UPSURGE project group from Queen’s University in Belfast and CENTOURIS, an institute at the University of Passau, on September 27-28. The main goal was to visit the five demo sites in Katowice and to discuss the implementation of the planned NBS there as well as the progress of the stakeholder workshops. Besides that, the visiting group had an opportunity to meet with the representatives of the nearby Ochojec Hospital and the Silesian Park administration, where green bus stops will be set up close by. The group was also welcomed by Mariusz Skiba, Deputy Mayor of the City of Katowice, for a brief chat at City Hall. During the meeting with the mayor, we presented the key concept of the UPSURGE project and how it is being implemented in the city.

NBS site walk tour in Katowice
Workshop meeting in Katowice